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funkyhous design service

" go funky "

Imagineers bring your ideas to life

custom design service

Hello, Sometimes you just want something different right! or you might have an idea but having second thoughts about how to make it! well don't worry because we've got you covered, all you need to do is complete our custom design enquiry form and I'll get back to you with a proposal, go for it!



funkyhous will undertake making customers own product ideas using the finest recycled materials


funkyhous manufactures all its products in-hous and only out sources goods it can't produce


funkyhous will undertake specific design  assignments submitted by customers


funkyhous is available for consultation on any matters involving upcycling unwanted materials  


" Design your own recycled masterpiece limited only by your imagination, tell us a bit about what materials you want to use and your design ideas, complete the funky design commission form and go - FUNKY! we'll get back to you with a sensible price "

" Make a statement and stand out from the crowd "

Funkyhous service levels
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